Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall fall fall

oh man, i miss fall in utah...  i miss utah.

if i were in utah today i would go for a drive up the alpine loop. i'd take a limeade from the burger shack up canyon road.  then i'd drive back down and drive over to the lake. and then i'd stop at the shave ice place across from helaman halls (the blue shack- Hokulia's... if you haven't been there, i don't know why you are still reading this. get yourself over there and get a half pina colada half coconut with ice cream and a snowcap. sheesh). and then i'd go to sammy's for a burger. and then i'd go to a byu football game in the stadium. (mind you, it's my perfect day, so there's a football game on a thursday) and then i'd drive in the evening and find a good pile of leaves.

yeah, that sounds good.

instead i'm in good ol' west des moines. though the high today is only 74, it doesn't feel the same. i walk out of a building into crispy fall-ish air, and look for the mountains (with their gold leaf lava starting to pour down) and think about driving around downtown provo, down to my orchard...  i don't see students walking everywhere south of campus and i can't subdue the desire to walk around byu's grounds and maybe stop for some cinnamon bears in the bookstore. instead the only students i know are my husband's friends and they stay on campus  and in ward activities. i need to live in a college town.  where am i going to see what girls are wearing for fall?  what color boots and how high?  will scarves still be big?  are jeggings really going to be huge?  what jacket is everyone wearing?  and what kind of jacket to you get when you have a watermelon residing under your shirt?

also, i miss nordstrom. bad. there's not one in the entire state. in fact the closest one is in the Mall of America 3 and a half hours away. guess who may be taking a day trip, just to roam the floors?  (forget the rest of the mall)

there are farmer's markets here like you wouldn't believe though. tonight we'll pick up another watermelon and some more sweet corn.  and maybe start some canning.

i guess it's not all lost.

post edit: if i were in provo, especially if i were tomorrow night, i'd be going to the (FREE!) rooftop concert series downtown.  you know why?  cause benton paul is headlining. and he is a dreamboat.  and 'i only see you' was my first dance song, and i'm listening to it now, and it's taking me back to a string light lit ranch last november...


JenniferKaryn said...

I loved this post. It made me miss you even more. You know something crazy? Fall reminds me of you. It feels like a provo fall today. It's windy and there are dark clouds looming over, but the temperature is still pretty comfortable, not the stinging cold quite yet. But seriously, it reminds me of you. By the way I hope you've been watching the last season of Little People!! haha.

JenniferKaryn said...

PS, I love that song. I got it from you and it is untitled on my ipod and I always wondered who sang it! haha. I'm sure you told me more than once, but yeah, I just forgot :)

cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

I'm sorry Tara! I'm right there with you! I miss BYU and I totally miss cinnamon bears too. I have yet to find cinnamon bears here, let alone the chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Crafts is what I try to do to pass the time when I'm bored. Doesn't make up for all the stuff at BYU though :(

Bryan and Ashley said...

You just echoed half the thoughts I've been having this week. I miss Utah too. Such good memories there. But I guess I can't complain because at least I have a Nordstrom. {I grew up an hour from Mall of America and Nordstrom is one of the few worth while stores there. So spending your entire visit at that beautiful place is so right on!:) }

i see you too...