Tuesday, September 28, 2010

video monday.

youtube is probably one of the greatest internet offerings ever. along with etsy. 
here are some things that are...

awesome (made me cry)

hilarious (made me cry)

sweet (cried really hard. i thought of Joe and John and how they would bake bread together. :tear: ha)

inspirational (i'm sure you get the idea)

finally. a new Zac Brown Band single. i'm obsessed with zbb. i don't even care who knows it. i love country. and banjoes and fiddles. and beards. so obviously adding a great voice/band in the mix is idea. plus, an Alan Jackson collaboration. they are definitely my artist of 2010.  they might be next year too.
doesn't Zac look like he has a man crush on AJ?  well, who wouldn't....

other music obsession of the moment: Mindy Gledhill. i was morally opposed to her (ok not morally, obviously) because of how rampant she was on sunday afternoons at BYU.  her church music was everywhere. and i don't do rampant (ie wicked, glee, etc...) but she's moved into a new phase and i love her music now. i've already put up "all about your heart" on here before, but this new one is great, and the video is dreamy.

well, i just ate a whole box of macaroni and had some rootbear to get rid of my headache. i think it worked. so maybe i'll do something productive?


JenniferKaryn said...

I loved this. The system is down at work and i have nothing to do. I loved the guy that lost the weight, reminds me of our friend Dustin! And I love Mindy's new song too, but I couldn't stand her video. I mean, cute idea, but watching her sing was driving me insane. Anways, thanks for the entertainment.

cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

oh my heck i loved the justin bieber video. i seriously laughed out loud....a lot :D

i see you too...