Wednesday, September 22, 2010

brain dump

i finished Baby Catcher today, it was so good. all the stories in it are refreshing and the plight of midwives everywhere and women seeking homebirths is really inspiring

basically all i've eaten lately is ramen and noodles of other varieties. i just am out of lunch ideas. and sick of shopping.

seriously i feel like i grocery shop 4 times a week. i feel like i do a good job of meal planning but then breakfast comes around and all there is is cereal, or i can't think of something different to make for lunch. i am starting to hate the grocery store.

why are teenage girls so dramatic?

why are women so dramatic?

i have nothing to wear and a closet full of clothing.

people really annoy me sometimes, and i probably shouldn't get so annoyed, and usually do a pretty good job of just minding my own business- but i just want to scream sometimes.

i almost miss pcs. mostly just the coworkers part of it. hanging out with other people all day. the girls i hate. but the social interaction with others my age on a daily basis... i miss it.

i feel like i've been to church more in the last month than in the last few years. having a calling in young men's/young women's is like having an instant list of calendar events. lessons on sunday and presidency meetings and planning meetings and mutual every wednesday night and any activity that the young women are in charge of/in attenence/even think about, i have to be there. it's fun, but holy cow, it feels like it's been a lot lately. add regular sunday church hours and visiting teaching/damon leaving to do home teaching, and wow. i love this quote from elder maxwell though, on why we don't have any paid clergy (or paid anything) in the church:
      Neil A. Maxwell a Church Apostle put it best: "The Lord does not ask about our ability or inability, but only about our availability. If we prove our dependability, the Lord takes care of our capability". 

so apparently i can do it. haha, i know i can, and it's nice to be in a good ward family again, and having a calling with the youth is definitely the best place to be...

i never thought there was so much research to be put into children's products... cribs with adjustable sides are unsafe now, carseats with a gajillion features and safety aspects (i want a britax) and glass bottles ... if the world just lived like... well, the rest of the world. with the family bed and no cars and a simpler life, all this stuff would be so unnecessary. 

how do you narrow down a name for your first son? i have about 8 men that i want to name this kid after. as if i never will have another. will i have another? what if i don't? do i give him 8 names? 

i love damien rice.

(thanks for the intro, pat)

my husband looks really hot when he wears his glasses.

since we moved in here we had a lot of boxelder bugs in the apartment. (ok, i'd find like 4 a day crawling around) which is gross. and apparently you can't do anything about. but i haven't seen a live one in days now, i hope they're gone for good.

not having a washer and dryer is really sucky. having an old washer and dryer down the hall that barely clean and also costs $2 for one little load of laundry is probably worse than having to go to a laundromat. it's going to be hell with a newborn.

i almost bought a baby crested gecko today.

i miss utah. and the people in utah. and the restaurants and even (never thought i'd say this) the mountains a little bit.

a week ago today people i care about had the worst day of their lives. and this week i watched ellen and loaded the diswasher and made a purse out of duct tape. how does that happen? how is it that time can move so relentlessly forward when it feels like maybe at least 10 seconds should feel like 20, or 2 hours should feel like half a day?  i have a picture of rod surrounded by us youth from almost a decade ago, on the front steps of our church, about to start a missionary activity. i need to find a scanner.


JenniferKaryn said...

I miss you.
Name your child Pablo... he'll be part Mexican.

The Halls said...

Wow that was a lot of info/randomnis in one post. I miss you and I love you, give him 10 names, all the men you love plus a name you like and a name Damon likes. There has to be a guiness record for the longest name, just shoot to beat that! By the way, I think I will LOVE Iowa in February...what do you think?

David and Haylee Skaggs said...

Since fall/winter is coming and it will be colder, for lunch make different soups, and then just freeze portioned sizes in the freezer! Makes it easy for lunch, and something warm to eat on a cold day!

i see you too...