Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday Will Come

This morning my baby kicked me hard, from the inside. Maybe telling me he was hungry, or maybe angry at how much I tossed and turned through the night and in staying awake myself, kept him up too. Or to bring me back to earth while still reminding me that there is so much more to earth than what we see.

Yesterday afternoon a dear friend from home was taken in a horrible accident while with his daughter on a flood-driven 'creek'. This was the kind of man who the young men I grew up with aspired to be, the young women hoped to marry, and other adults looked to as an example. He was the kind of man who would find you in the halls at church to tell you that you were beautiful at the same time squeezing you so hard in a hug that you knew his strength and love came from somewhere deeper than what was seen. He led missionary efforts, especially among our teens, and I'm happy to say that his fellowship gave me strength in a new church that I didn't always understand and tried to tread with just my younger sister, among families and groups that I didn't know. He opened his house to us always, asked about our family, and made us feel welcome among his. He took youth out on his boat every chance he could, and their friends whom he didn't know- he'd set up an entire wakeboarding trip based on some kid he'd never met. He taught me to wakeboard (though I admit, I never became much in that area) and showed me what I could have to look forward to in a family led by a strong priesthood leader, if I remained worthy and kept my standards high. He taught me to 'taste the cheese' in dating...

Brother Dial, I'm proud to say I figured out what kind I liked and didn't like, before I settled down with my perfect man.

Today it's cold and rainy here in Iowa, and maybe a drive to Texas would be better than laying in bed all day. I don't think I'll get out quite yet. I hope his wife and children know (I'm sure they have been bombarded with love from our church and local community) how much we all love them, and can feel the prayers being offered on their behalf. I hope they are remembering that Sunday will come.

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Helena said...

I am so sorry. I hope his family will be ok.

i see you too...