Monday, August 30, 2010


things i've done in the last week or 2 (sometimes more than once... or twice)

-turned on the kitchen sink water to fill it up or rinse out a dish, walked out of the room to do something else, and then heard the water still running later, realizing it's been on for a... long time...

-put a pot (empty) on the stove, turned it to high, and then turned on the kitchen sink water to let it start warming up to put hot water in the warmed pot... only to turn off the water, leave to get dressed, and when i'm walking out the door smell a burning smell- the empty pot still burning away on the stove.

-forgotten to flush the toilet (lovely). unfortunately damon discovered this. haha

-forgotten my church shoes up in the apartment right by the door (i stay in flip flops till the last possible second).  forgotten my church shoes on the floorboard in front of me in the car when we get out of the car to go into church, only to realize once we get inside and have to turn around & head back to the car.  forgotten my church shoes in my hotel room when going to the temple for kristi's sealing, and having to have my parents bring them later on for pictures- meanwhile having to wear flip flops into the temple.  (i'd like to point out that i forgot my own wedding shoes on the day we got married too, and didn't have them at the temple, so most of our pictures i'm barefoot and the full 1'3'' shorter than damon)

-forgotten things that were told to me minutes before, making me the obnoxious person that asks the same question at least a dozen times. and then 5 more the next day.  i wish i could think of a good example, but i can't remember that kind of stuff. trust me, this happens every day.

post edit: i have to include what damon thinks is the most disgusting thing ever, but that i love so much- the pickles and milk combo. pickles are definitely the most cliche pregnancy need, but i need them all the time!  i discovered one night during a movie that pickles with milk is heavenly- the sour pickles make the milk taste as sweet as ice cream! try it, i promise, the milk is so sweet, mmmmm... i even have this in bed on occasion, and have considered leaving half the glass of milk and one pickle on my nightstand for a midnight snack when i wake up (you wake up hungry-STARVING- in the middle of the night) but damon though that was going too far.

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