Monday, September 13, 2010

I wanted to put some pics up for my dad to see that we were able to figure out how to put the shelves on the wall. well Damon did. but they are staying up there ad holding all our little trinkets....  here are a few shots of our living room/dining room area.  the pictures don't show how huge it really is, we could run a yoga class in here.  and it smells great cause our scentsy is always going (thanks jenn! haha), which helps cause the halls smell like crazy old maurice downstairs who smokes.

This is our 'travel wall' with all our stuff we've (or friends have) collected from this old globe.  represented are africa, china, india, mexico... etc etc etc. and the clock.

opposite wall in dining area, the 'church section' and the 'family section' as you can see we need some more pics printed but i'm waiting for one of my entire family (including jake and morgan) from kristi's wedding... and i tried to paint our family proclamation frame the same gold as the table, and the paint didn't stick, so i need another (odd shaped) frame for that.  and the table we painted. my mom gave us this and it was once raw oak and then painted maroon and then white on top of that and then crackled... it was kinda crazy, but i love it now...

the least decorated wall, probably a good respite from the 20+ frames in here. and our 'centerpiece' is a group of vases from our wedding (flea market finds)

Living room area- they built this place with NO overhead light in the huge living room. it's ridiculous. so we got our gorgeous floor lamp from walmart.  and the matting was warped from the move in that big frame. so until i figure that out, it's empty. i'm thinking of putting another frame within it. we'll see.

The ugly corner. wires abound. the awkward end table. oh well.

on an unrelated note, this is what i look down to every morning. the baby likes to smoosh over to one side, and it looks pretty goofy.  to give more (weird) perspective, my navel is right between the top and middle of the 3 creases. everything is still going on below that point.


JenniferKaryn said...

Cute place and I'm glad you're enjoying the scentsy :)

Yes, your belly looks weird. haha! so cute though.

Kami Huntsman said...

You are great at decorating, I aspire to be like you! Loving the belly...tomorrow?

PS I didn't know you like mesh

Jenny Timmerman said...

Kylie liked to hang out on one side of my belly too. I think it's cute! :)

i see you too...