Tuesday, September 21, 2010

an actual pickle in there?

I'm 19 weeks today.  Which is scary- basically halfway!  Am I ready for this?  I'm ready for a baby to hold and smell (in the good times at least) and rock and sing to, but am I ready for the no sleep and the costs and all the big stuff?  I guess there's only one way to find out..  I'm not actually super worried, mostly I just think there's still so much stuff we need and want to do.

I've been garage sale-ing the last month or so, and we've been able to pick up some decent stuff really cheap- an awesome stroller, a swing (that, as soon as i can get this sewing machine to work all the time instead of just half way, i'll be recovering) kids books, and some cute baby clothes. Bonus to living outside of utah: baby items aren't used to death by a family and then passed on to ward members to destroy.  People here have one or two kids and give away stuff practically brand new.  Here are the clothes I bought last weekend, the first time I could actually buy boy stuff- finally!
(excuse the crappy pictures, i just use the mac's photobooth cause i'm too lazy to get out my camera and then transfer pictures and all that jazz)

Our Stats:

Size:  According to babycenter, the baby is about the size of an heirloom tomato from head to rear end... 6 inches long and around 8 oz... when you add in the length of his legs, it's crazy to think that I have like 10 inches of baby lounging around in there.  

What he does all day:  urinates.  weird?  apparently he does this about every hour and so not only do I eat for 2, I make a lot of bathroom trips for us both.  He's also growing hair- though if he follows in my footsteps, it won't make an appearance till he's well over a year old.  He's also developing his 5 senses- and may be able to hear me now, which means I better start watching what I say.  Also, I read that he's growing a coating on his skin so that he doesn't get pickled by the amniotic fluid. How graphic...

Awesome babycenter pic of him: 
That can't be comfortable.  Though I don't think Jr. is contorted like that, I usually have a bigger lump on one side and kicking on the other, and during the ultrasound he was also laying across me, usually facing my spine. 

My own weight gain and changes:  apparently still nada.  though I think it's because I probably lost some of that newlywed weight and maybe gained it in my stomach.  I'm actually pretty happy to NOT see the scale moving upwards, though my midwife may start to disagree if it's the same at my next appointment. But if I do the whole 'pound a week" from here on out, I'll be happy.  I feel a lot better these days, my energy is normal and I am just trying to stay hydrated.  Water is NOT my thing. I long for sonic and vanilla dr. peper.  I haven't had one in so long (though I did share a pib with Damon at a baby expo last week) and I'm trying to drink better stuff... but plain water is so gross. Also, I still don't really crave much- maybe something random here or there (taco bell nachos, and when I see Olive Garden's never ending pasta commercial, I start planning when we can go), but mostly I just eat boring stuff like macaroni or... ramen. ha I'm trying to get into the swing of eating better. 

Movement: lots!!!  It's so cool to feel him turning and kicking in there.  Yesterday I was laying on my side and feeling him kick a ton in one spot really hard, so I laid on my back and was able to feel the kick from the outside!  I was so excited and made Damon sit watching TV all night with his hands pressed there to see if he would feel it.  But.  Didn't happen.  Hopefully in the next week or 2 he will, cause it is so awesome. 

sorry for the lovely hair in my face- haven't cut my hair in probably a year and I haven't found anybody here that I trust to not cut 4 inchs off when I say 'a trim'. Also, sorry it's a crappy picture- again, the mac. 


David and Haylee Skaggs said...

I totally understand your not liking water issue! After the baby if you nurse you are encouraged to still drink lots of water, I have found that Crystal Light is one of my best friends!!! And now you'll have a newborn around alot to take pictures of!!! :)

JenniferKaryn said...

You are so cute!! Love the picture! Can't believe you actually have a big ol' baby bump!

Megan said...

If I were close to you, I would totally TRIM your hair! I am paranoid about cutting too much off so I totally know how that feels! :) Congratulations! I am so glad things are going so great for you!

Byron and Tara said...

Yay!!! SOOO cute!!

i see you too...