Wednesday, April 29, 2009

working 2 hours a day is awesome.

though probably not good for my wallet. since switching to prn, i've had some free time. it's great. last week the only work i did was dental assisting for a dentist i cant stand. but this week and the next 2 i am full on hours at pcs, so i know it's gonna get crazy again. it's so nice to be able to pick my hours, and not have to work sundays!  though i can't wait till i get back from china and can earnestly look for a real job that i love, or maybe start school up again...

i haven't gotten much done lately. i still have not bought a dresser, or been able to get all my clothes organized at all. i still haven't gotten my passport. still need to get the oil changed on my car.  haven't taken many pictures lately.  

'why' you ask?

because it's spring. because things are blooming and green and good smelling, because the weather has been in the 60's and 70's more often than not in the last 2 weeks. because lurve is in the air and i'm once again part of a couple (isn't it weird how easily you slip back into that? back to 'i hold hands with the person walking next to me' and 'he's gonna call to see how my day was after he's done with work' and 'i have somebody to cook with again'). when i'm single, it's like i can't remember what any of it's like and when i'm not single, it's like i've been not single forever.  

i'm getting cabin fever. happy valley fever. i need out... a weekend, camping in moab, another trip to california, maybe a trip somewhere else? i get so bored here sometimes, i hate being at home at this apartment. i miss my little brother.  head on over to that blog there on the right to see him picking his nose, driving, and mowing the lawn.

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