Monday, April 27, 2009


last night late, after i got home from playing trivial pursuit with austin and friends, i knew i wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon, and that nobody was around that late to play (cath, come home!), and so i settled in for one of my favorite 2 a.m. pastimes... reading NieNie's blog...

if you want to be instantly inspired, grateful for your life, learn how to be a little bit better, click my "i read nie nie" button there on the right... i seriously would pay my friends and family to backread her blog, i can't say enough how much it's inspired me and shaped who i am/want to be. 

anywho, today i went over to Cafe Fresh to find the brown rice sushi that i love so much (they were out) and ended up waiting for a wrap to be made. as i walked away from the cash register i caught glimpse of a slim woman in red, in burn bandages. she wasn't so recognizable  ( compared to all her pictures from her blog) but i knew instantly that it was her. a glance to the left proved me right when i saw her sister lucy at the counter- ever feel like you know somebody who's blog you read? haha. i got super nervous, i wanted so badly to say hi to her and tell her how much i adore her and want to be just like her. instead i settled for sitting at the closest table to wait, and trying not to do anything stupid. i was so nervous just to be near her that i completely forgot what i'd called my mom about when she returned my phone call. 

                  read it and weep... for love. and happy.

                 but most of all, this one- it's a dream come true- and she realizes it. this one's my favorite:

if you really and truly don't know NieNie's story, 

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