Saturday, April 11, 2009

 i miss doing the dishes with my grandma. and the way her earlobes felt like velvet.
   i hate untangling hangers, such as the trash bag-full that i had tonight waiting for me at home
   i miss Easter at home when the whole family from my great-grandmother down would drive to fredricksburg and easter egg hunt and eat tons of food and walk around main street and go to sunday mass at the cathedral across the street.

   (also missing tornado season, which has started in tornado alley. and the startup of those texas evening thunderstorms that i love so much is just around the corner)

  i'm sorry to say that {you are were simply not the kind of friend i needed. two-way roads are my thing. it goes both ways, it takes two to tango. i was the one doing it all. and getting drunk-come-ons and stand-ups and grand stories in return. no thanks.'}
        nothing more and nothing less. it just took me too long to do something about it. if that's being close-minded or judgmental or self-righteous... maybe? but i think it was me finally being smart and walking away from a bad situation. 
       so maybe i'm just another person to add to the list of people who say those things to you. maybe one day you'll finally get it.
      either way, i've been happier since i last saw you than i have ever. and that's enough proof of a good choice for me. 

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JenniferKaryn said...

good choice indeed ;)

i see you too...