Thursday, April 16, 2009

things to heart

blizzard in the middle of april that dumped like more snow than provo saw all winter within 24 hours. and it all being almost completely melted away.

sweet tooth fairy cupcakes. damon had an interview this tuesday, and i went to the gym that morning, so i HAD to stop by and get us a couple of cc's. i picked strawberry shortcake. the thing is topped with a chocolate covered strawberry! i may have to sneak back over today before work.  i think i need to try this s'mores cc:

switching to PRN at work this week: yay for being able to go to church and have a semi life again! I'm already signed up for 2 weeks of nightwatch in early may- on transition (where the girls who are about to phase out of the program live- they are amazing!) which is so easy breezy and has guitar hero and 2 huge flat screens so i can actually stay awake.

um, hello keith urban's new cd? love it. also regina spektor. samson.

"sorry it's so late, i just wanted you to know that you're beautiful. sleep well"
     (i know, right?)

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