Tuesday, April 7, 2009

(defying gravity)

the last week has been hectic, and tonight is too, but i thought i'd take a few minutes to hop online and update those who i haven't talked to lately...

last wednesday damon and i went up to logan to go to the post secret event with kami (and half matt, ha)... it was.. interesting. but the trip was definitely worth it for the 4 hours in the car to and from with damon (not many people you can say that about...), and the time we got to spend with my kami and her matt. 

work work work, then my mom came into town for a couple of days and we just did all kinds of stuff, like some shopping and a lot of eating and painting things with kurt and getting stuck on the salt flats- which happen to still be muddy. i'll have to put up pictures after the move, i'm not sure where my card reader is...

i'm in the middle of moving down the road, to a new condo, i'm pretty excited, but i hate hate HATE moving. the only thing  good about moving is using derek's truck for the day. 

life is good. so good. =)

(i wish my sister was here to play with me in provo though)

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