Sunday, April 26, 2009

some old, some new

sunday night. i took a lonnnnggg nap today. which means i won't be able to sleep for a few hours... bleh. i get so bored when i don't work. though once i start back up again this week i know i'll be so tired and not wanting to be there. plus i think the sun's gonna return after a weekend of cold rain. thank goodness! 

anyways, these are some, some are old, some are new...

my favorite place in utah... i listened to a podcast where they were talking about the self portrait and narcissism, it was interesting. so i was sitting here on this log and some people walked by (i've never seen anybody out here) so i got nervous for a minute. but i don't think they could see me through the brush. and they turned around and left. ha.  i'm blurry, everything else is not. not sure how i managed that.

kami and matt are graduating this week from USU, so we took a couple of pictures for them to put on a little announcement thing. lately i'm obsessed with shooting into the light. i'm trying to get better at it...

these are all from the HOLI Festival of Color at the local Hindu temple.... basically 15,000 byu/uvu white kids who pretend to be cultural and throw colored chalk at each other and start mosh pits and throw crowd surfers around. it was cccrraaazyy. (this is where i got my finger broke... it's still big.)
                                 a little johnny...
    this chalk gets EVERYWHERE and takes like 3 showers to look normal again
the beginning of the fight
everyone still relatively clean, and still clear air
waaaaaay too many people for my taste!

i really want to eat some cake batter, but i used my last 2 boxes for damon's birthday cakes. hmmm.... i do have a package of sugar cookie mix. any dough sounds good right now. 

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