Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Texan till I die...

this trip has been a whirlwind crazy busy thing, but still had everything I love about being home... (almost)

a birthday party out back with beer (ok i had orange soda) and ice cream and burgers and screaming kids everywhere, watching games and sitting around in the smoky heat

running up and down the street with jake at 7 at night, in 75 degree weather, flying his new kite

driving around with the windows down, being hot when you get into your car (so opposite of utah!)

a rodeo with cowboys and bulls and dirt and friend anything and bull riding and girls wearing dresses with cowboy boots and boys in wranglers and cowboy hats. i love the people here

the bluebonnets are starting to bloom

driving to a rudy's just to get a pint of cream corn and a couple of dublin dr. peppers

driving my mom's big truck and feeling like a real woman, and matching every other car on the highway

downtown austin, 6th street, south by southwest and getting to see a provo act at a sxsw venue, walking around downtown with all the hippie cowboy college crazies, bar hopping to hear all the different acts

downtown round rock, the water tower that we used to try to climb, all the old buildings and seeing everyone out going to church on sundays (different churches!)

old family friends that have known me since 3rd grade

... i love it here.
pics to come soon. i'm off to downtown.

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