Friday, March 27, 2009

i have so many posts.

this is post number 136. also the number of my favorite hymn. coincidental? i don't think so.

things are good, i still have no idea what i'm gonna do with my life, but going one day at a time has been a positive thing for me lately. 

spring has continued to be elusive, but right now it's probably mid-40's and sunny, so that's a great stride. i don't want to go to work. 

i love the people in my ward. and the people i've met through the people in my ward. why is it that it always takes me this long to get to know them? (hello, freshman year?) i'm a time waster when it comes to getting to know people. i put it off and am not interested until i just blindly walk into something and then realize, duh, why didn't i find these people before? as usual, my only friends in the ward (besides jenn) are guys. that's just how i work, i guess. in the last 2 weeks i've made friends with a group of guys who have serenaded me, baked me bread, made me sunday dinner, let me watch the office and sports center on their dvr's, spooned with me on the couch, taught me how to change bike tires, given me nicknames, let me color on their wall, kept me occupied during church... why are guys so much easier to get along with? no gossiping, no drama. so nice. 

i miss home- the weather and my family and my sweet friends there (TARA!!! update your blog!!!)

i'm so so excited for summer.

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