Monday, March 9, 2009

cali lovin'to

some pictures from my trip to california with kurt and matt to meet hayley. we stayed a day at her house in palm springs and then traveled over to redondo beach where she lived and played on the beach.  good weather, great time...

talk about weird tan lines.

we had visitors the whole time at the beach... they even rode the waves too- the craziest thing i ever saw. also kurt refused to 'surf' while they were anywhere near. 

the men.

kurt trying to squeeze into matt's wetsuit. (there's about an 8 inch different in height there)

he's pondering life. california sunsets are almost as pretty as texas ones.

surfing a sunset

matt talkin' to a seagull

haley and kurt

the great great beach...

about 11 minutes after we arrived in palm springs...

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Catherine said...

umm...I want to be there RIGHT NOW!

i see you too...