Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creighton: (can you at all tell that he is Austin's younger half?)

introduced me to Framing Hanley's remake of Lollypop. i'm obsessed. the song rocks and the music video is hot. i like remixes almost always more than the original.

yesterday i worked out 4 different things/times: cardio, then i did strength training. later i went back for power yoga- the guy was intense, it was practically yogalates. kill me. then i went to visit creighton and his next door neighbors and somewhere along the line 25 people showed up in a tiny king henry living room to do an ab workout video. i am so much more than sore.

today was a perfect day. the kind that gives you hope that winter is over and finally the best time of year in utah- spring- is finally here. (though i heard it's supposed to rain/snow thursday)  i cleaned the kitchen and lounged around picking up the apartment while listenig to my ipod on it's dock with the windows and doors open. this weather makes me want to wear a sassy apron and make hamburgers. the high was 65. it was sunny. and perfect smelling outside. my friend damon and i went for a short hike (he just had knee surgery? not sure why he decided to do this).

i can't wait to go home and see jake.

i'm going to buy salmon for the first time. i love salmon, but who actually cooks fish? me.

and finally? who else watched the bachelor finale last night? ??? ????!?!?!??!  !?! was that a freaking train wreck in slowmo or what? i've loved jason for 2 seasons now, and in 5 minutes he became a big bastard.  and melissa who was my favorite and i was SOOO happy when she won became a blubbering crazy person.  and molly who i was liking but maybe melissa was just ahead cause she's texan, became the girl who likes sloppy seconds.  seriously? break off an engagement and tell her that you're gonna go after the girl you rejected for her and then go make out with that girl 2 minutes (one commercial break) later? how unclassy of all of them. i'm never watching the show again. 

i promise next time i'll put up the cali pics. right now i have to go use the ladies room. and go buy my salmon.

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