Wednesday, March 25, 2009

oh my goodness, i love my days off. i've decided i need to go back to school and get a teaching certifcate so i can have off summers and weekends and holidays and spring break and everything else off... because i love NOT working. in my time off this week i've been to the gym (every day!), played human hungry-hungry hippos (longboards and baseballs), eaten about a million oranges, learned how to fix a bike (ok i only held the wrench while he fixed the bike), was serenaded by not 1 but 3 hot looking men on both guitar AND eukaleili, went to the temple (best feeling ever: changing from street worldly clothes into all white and feeling so peaceful and happy), celebrated a birthday, had lunch with an old roomate and her baby (who had a blowout at the restaurant, haha), signed paperwork on a cute condo contract, and i still have today! yoga tonight, more playing, i love it.

i've been looking at the pics from the wedding (confession: i didn't do any skin or serious retouching before i gave them to tasha's dad... oops) and from home and i realize... i nEEd that Nikon prime lens. i'm just not happy with the way the tokina shoots and the files are always a little blurry. i guess it just proves that spending more money on glass gets you way better pictures. at $450 it was a steal for a prime (2.8) lens, but i want the real deal. i'm determined to have it by the time i go to china, so i have to really buckle down and start saving and shopping for some deelz.

i also want a d3... i'm hoping that by christmas it will be lower n price because of the d3x and possible new cameras coming out, but i want that 5:4 cropping ratio. i don't like how long and skinny other sensors shoot. i don't like when my prints get cut off.

(this probably is completely boring and non-sensical to everybody. i'm just ranting about my crap)

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