Monday, March 30, 2009

early bird

I guess I can't say I got up early if I didn't go to bed. I'm working nightwatch cause I traded my sunday morning shift so I could go to church. only half an hour to go and I'm outta here!

the weekend was good, after work on friday I went by damon's and we painted a mural on the wall (i'll have to put up a picture later) and then watched slumdog millionaire (which was great!)
had to work saturday but I got off just in time to meed up with damon, nate, and joe, and scramble out to the HOLI festival of colors. traffic out there was horrible of course, but nate was a sweetheart and dropped damon and I while he went to park. damon threw me over a fence and we made it to the crowd right when they color fight began. good timing. we stayed a while, the place was packed (derek said 15000) and so of course it turned into a mosh pit. and a crowd surfer fell on me. and I got a broken finger out of it. my first broken anything! haha. afterwards damon and I went to austin's, who bbq'd carne asada tacos (my food of the year) and then caught benjamin button at the dollar theater.... a long loooooong movie.

church was great, then I went to insta care to get xrays, and then took a good nap and went to hang out with derek for a while before work.

I love weekends like that. filled with fun but not all extraordinary plans and great people. I'm so grateful for good friends. my best friend boy derek is always the best conversation and advice giver and its nice to have someone like that to count on. haha, he made me listen to that (stupid) country song, 'you find out who your friends are', I hate that song, but he's still on his country kick and watching him sing and act out songs is hilarious. I don't know what i'll do when we end up living indifferent places- he mentioned a possibility of it and I started crying like a baby- thank goodness he's used to that too.

anyway... this is a long one- sometimes these are more for me than anything, so I guess I can write whatever I want.

I probably better go, the girls are waking up...

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