Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and home...

(so these are in reverse order of how they actually happened)

Benton (Paul) played at SXSW at (The Belmont) and he was (great.)
another SXSW band in another SXSW venue. through a window. SXSW is awESOme. you just walk down 6th street and every single building corner curb has a band playing on/in/around. it's great.
rudy's just for (the best thing ever) dublin dr. peppers and creamed corn 
he likes to drive a looooottttt!

jake and my mom
way to not have your eyes open...

yeah he's huge and all.

i love fair food.

sexiest singer ever. deepest voice ever. i need to find this.

so touching...

bull riding is the best. THING. eVER.

that there is a buckin' bronco!

tag team what?

you can bet that when i have a 5 year old, he won't be in soccer or t-ball...

he's great at blowing out candles.
what of the 3 main meats did tara eat? all. 
took him a while to figure this out...
best party idea ever. the kids don't even bother you.

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