Sunday, February 8, 2009

truth be told i miss you...

(truth be told i'm lying)

ahh, i have 4 days off this week! i'm so so so excited. monday through wednesday and then friday. which rocks because we are going to the monster truck rally. which is just so wt and so home and soooo good. 

i think it sucks when you like people much better before you actually get to know them. and then they turn out to be real stupid.

i love how i get excited to go to the gym now. i love it. i love yoga. i love the eye candy (duh) i love feeling so good after i actually do something good for myself.

i love my friends. and i love how truly very happy i've been the last month and a half or so. i don't know. it just is. 

im determined to take pictures this week. really this time. 

1 comment:

JenniferKaryn said...

yay for yoga.

i'm still sore.

friday off? what's this business??

i see you too...