Friday, February 13, 2009

i could be hurtful, i could be purple

(i could be anything you like...)

ohhh goodness this has been a great week. i didn't work mondaytuesdaywednesday, worked 10 hours yesterday, and am off today! nothing better. seriously if i could work the 30-38 hour work week all in one shift, i would totally do it. 

anywhom, tonight we are going to the monster truck rally in salt lake city.. awesome. big trucks and dirt and loudness is so hot. austin is insisting on everyone dressing white trash, which is a great excuse for me to wear my very favorite torn true religions one more time before i cut them into shorts for summer (summer!!!).  bbq before (my trainer says i can have one cheat day a week, i better go get a dr. pepper and a costa vida salad before i have to start getting dressed), and then off to the smoky rowdy craziness, where we will hopefully get in a brawl or something. 

apparently atchafalaya is the cool new thing in provo. ok, really only among my coworkers. cause we're going again tonight? it's just too fun to play pool and dance and make fun of all the drunk/disgusting people. especially the real big girls who wear real little clothing and shake all they got on the platform. seriously, what's better? 

blogger is being ridiculous and not loading the pictures it took... maybe it's better anyway, cause hopefully i'll have some good ones from tonight, so i'll upload sometime tomorrowish...
peace out, i'm off to binge.

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