Monday, February 16, 2009

i want i want i want me me me me mine mine mine mine now now now NOW

i love Hook.

i want to eat sushi for lunch. (i will probably eat tomatoes and cheese)
i don't want to go to the gym right now, but i haven't been since friday and i'm not allowed to eat before i go do my cardio. and there's no morning yoga classes anywhere in the valley and i hate that! (i HATE cardio. but i'm starting to get starving since it is after all 1 pm and so not fair!)
i want to drive somewhere far and warm on my 2.3 days i still have no work. (alone.)
i want to go home and see my brother (before he forgets me and stops saying that he misses me)
i want a really old little sewing machine so i can make a really cute quilt. 
i want my girlfriends back (aka i want their husbands to watch their kids so we can go to the beach together)
i want to not get so stressed when guys like me, and i want to find the one that gives me butterflies that last more than 19 hours. 
i want a dresser so my room doesn't constantly look like it's barfing clothes from every angle.
i want every dress/skirt/jewelry from anthropologie.... but more than those, i want this gorgeous thing
i wish they had it in some sort of rose-ish color though.... how perfect. surely i could find similar cheaper, but it's just so cute. 
i need to get a real adult job.

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Catherine said...

hey...I am driving to warm weather next week. I'm leaving the 25th until the 3rd I think. You should get work off and come. Come come come!

I "chmant" you. and it was fun to see you this weekend! yay for holidays...when do I see you again? May Day? April Fools?

i see you too...