Sunday, February 15, 2009

dirt and trucks

monster truck rally, friday the 13th, a group of half normal/half white trash greatness, gourmet white trash food beforehand... it was all great... (of course they loaded backwards...)

we just all love each other so much
spencer played co-photographer. sternly.
she really really likes that strawberry, i think.
because it wouldn't be a normal night with austin if all activities weren't halted for a run to the store or a restaurant for strawberry shakes...
skunk look
hi noelle!
sam loved that hat. weird al?

austin creeping in the back...
he almost spat that blue stuff everywhere after we just finished cleaning
the bottom of the barrel of koolaid is the best and most sugary.
the most wt koolaid holder possible
note the actual wt kid in the background
blue thunder was the badass of the night

flying through the air!
austin and sam were so excited! obviously...

yeah, that truck is a bull...

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