Friday, February 6, 2009

holy crap i have way too much energy for having woken up at 7:30 this morning. (anyone who knows me knows how much i love sleep, and since i don't have to work till almost 3 there's no reason to wake up this early EVER)... i had a sesh with the personal trainer at gold's... of course he's fantastic and of course we had all this crap in common and of course he just got back from teaching in kunming (kristi's first school in china) and of course he wasn't all that tall. and of course at the end of the free session they ask if you want to continue. and of course i do. but obviously i make zero monies and sooo... right.
we'll see.

(i'm meeting with him again monday morning. cause i convinced him to give me another free session to think about it... haha. i almost feel like elyse-whom i love and admire for her abilities to get men to give her stuff all the time... ok that's hard to explain...)

seriously though, you should hear how fast and hard i'm typing on these keys, it's ridiculous and my fellow library goers probably don't like me. i probably don't care cause they're probably jealous at how much energy i have and my new hoodie that i got at the shade warehouse sale for 7 buckaroos. 

i think blog stalkers who don't reveal themselves are creepers. but in a cool way. i still love you. 

ok my computer's gonna die, and i gotta go find something to do before work.... 

i think i haven't had time for anything lately. i miss taking pictures the most. 
i need my little brother. and summer. and the beach, and apparently, a tan.


JenniferKaryn said...

LOVE the picture of you and Jake on the beach. SO great. I miss summer, it better come soon.

Andrea said...

Okay I'm revealing myself. I read your blog. But I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a blog stalker, because I know you. I mean, we were head to head for a whole year. Those were the days. I'm coming to visit in March, so clear your schedule.

Tara said...

haha... dre, you don't count as a stalker, you're one of my best friends and I think you have my link on your blog (not sure why I haven't updated mine- I will!). I so can't wait to see you, I will clear as much as needed. i'll call you soon too.

i see you too...