Thursday, February 19, 2009

eff this place, i'm going to cali.

tha's right. i'm so sick of provo, i need away from here bad. i need sunshine. i need warm. i need to finally go to southern california. my little friend kurt has a little friend with a house in palm springs. so me and him and matt are driving down and getting away from the horrid girls at work and the horrid weather in utah. 

eat that. be jealous and now that i'll be having a blast on the beach and at in-n-out and in the pool and all that rad stuff. i'll think of you in between awesome activities. 

i saw an ad on craigslist for a couple wanting a surrogate mother... 15 grand, monthly stipend, living/med/legal expenses, and a paid vacay when you pop it out... sooooo tempting.  no more credit card, new car, shopping spree, a trip to south america,  getting to see what it's gonna be like to be knocked up, but not having to donate my little eggies and have a half-spawn somewhere out there.  seriously though... 

i took pics of a flashmob today organized by austin-ish for united way for a charity ball... and then my freaking card/camera/card reader/lappy promptly damaged ALL the files before i could load them. so now i have to buy a 60 dinero recovery software something-or-other.  but that's ok, cause i can foresee this happening again, even (gasp) maybe at something hugely important, like the wedding i'm shooting in 2 weeks, and i would be so devestated. blessing in disguise? such a tender mercy.

my wonderful mother sent a box of sugarcalories to me for valentines... they are looking at me RIGHT now. i will take them to cali, that's what boys are for. 

i've been so good at the gym. and working out. and even cardio, and working my upper body strength. 

i'm wired. but i should sleep. 


Catherine said...

when do you go to cali?

JenniferKaryn said...

wtf when are you going to CA?

i see you too...