Saturday, October 23, 2010


"DO NOT BUY THAT!" I pointed at the huge tub of Nestle cookie dough he had somehow picked up while I was at a sample and was now carrying to the bagged cheese..
"YOU CANNOT bring that home!  I will eat that and it's dangerous!  Go. Put. It. Back." I said even more emphatically.

yeah right.

it actually went like this:

Damon walks up to me (yes, i was at a sample) and has the tub in his arms.

Damon sees my face light up.

Damon knows that face and immediately turns back to put it in the freezer again.

I grab Damon's arm and beg, plead, pull, "PLEASE BUY IT PLEASE KEEP IT I WANT THAT SO BAD PLEASE DON'T PUT IT BACK!!!"

My tone is that of a 4 year old in Toys 'R Us after the newest Whatever has just hit the place...

"NO!  I am NOT buying it anymore!  You'll eat it raw! I KNOW YOU WILL EAT IT RAW!" -D


"NO I don't believe you! You can't eat it raw!  Promise me you won't eat any it's only for baking!"-D

"I WON'T I PROMISE I WON'T eat it raw! Only one spoon if I bake them."-T

"Pinky swear. Pinky swear to me right now that you won't eat it raw."-D


He turns away

"NO!!!! I WON'T I PROMISE!!! It's only for baking!!!" -T

"OK but you promised!"-D

...then he went back to school to study for more hours tonight.  I was only walking to the front door to go to Walgreens and redbox How to Train Your Dragon.  IT was in the freezer. there was a fork left out on the counter.  There was a plastic seal under the lid that wouldn't come off. I had to use my teeth. I just wanted to see it. But with my nose so close I got a wiff.


Chrisstamom said...

I LOVE YOU TS!! That's all that needs to be said.

Barrett Family said...

I had Cafe Rio today, does that count or should I hit up Costa Vida? Also, I had about 2 cookies worth of cookie dough... and then about 4 baked cookies. All before noon. I need to stop being on vacation. My sis-in-law gave away who was voted off bl last week. I'm ticked!

Anna P. said...

Ah ha ha ha. You fit the stereotypical pregnant woman mold more than anyone ever and I love it so much! Keep up the good work. Wish you were here so we could enjoy the woes of pregnancy together. Miss you guys.

Helena said...

I love this story! Thank you for having a blog.

i see you too...