Wednesday, October 6, 2010


21 weeks yesterday... woohoo! it's going by fast, every week is over before i know it.

the baby is the length of a carrot.... and he kicks really hard now, not just those little fluttery nudges. i even caught it on video from the outside yesterday.  i have somewhat of an idea of what i want with a nursery (ie guest room/office/nursery space) and now i just have to figure out how to get this sewing machine to work all the time, not just some, so i can start making.

obviously no flower decal on the wall, but i am still tempted to paint a wall grey (and just repaint white when we move out at the end of next summer) so i can put a white vinyl something on it. and probably a deeper blue closer to that dresser than the blue in the background. i had a completely different idea of a nursery, with a dark crib (love those) but then i decided i love gray too much to not use it and gray doesn't go with dark wood so great, and a white crib would be more versatile now and in the future (if we ever have a girl) so i think we're back on the white crib idea.  part of me thinks it's ridiculous to even be doing a nursery, cause, who really cares, right? but i still want one, so i'll do what i can and not be as detailed as these pictures for sure. i just really like gray.  and owls.

anywho, here's me tonight. lots of nights a week i have a nighttime pickle and glass of milk. i think i've discussed this here before, but if you haven't had a kosher dill pickle with a glass of milk, you are missing out. the combination, the complementation... so good...

it looks like i'm carrying higher than i really am, i think it's just the angle. or maybe cause it's the end of the day and i've had a lot of water today. apparently i'm supposed to be drinking 4 quarts of water a day right now. seriously? i'm lucky if i get through one nalgene bottle.


JenniferKaryn said...

LOVE the nursery idea. I'm such a fan of yellow and grey together, and add in the blue =awesome!

Helena said...

I like the colors, and I love owls. Your future nursery gets my stamp of approval (not that that matters).

And a dill pickle with milk sounds like an amazing snack. You are making me hungry.

And finally, you look adorable.

i see you too...