Friday, October 22, 2010


listening: the crickets and the squirrels outside our balcony.  there are more squirrels and wild bunnies here than in fairy tails. one sunday on our drive to church we counted- the drive is about 3 minutes- maybe a mile and a half down a neighborhood street. we counted 11 squirrels frolicking in the street and in yards. we didn't count the ones smashed on the road. 

hurting: my back. it's amazing how much a barely over a pound infant can take a toll on  your body.  during the night it's the worst- flopping from side to side has gotten harder- the in between hurts like crazy but you can't move fast- and sleeping is impossible even on your side. with 5 pillows.  my ribs are sore constantly, nonstop throughout the day.  when you lay down your stomach pulls away from you and it HURTS.  i don't know what 9 months is going to be like, but possibly traumatic, if this is just 6. 

pondering: what is the person downstairs cooking that smells so good?  

calendering: my mom is coming next weekend for a few days... and my dad and jake might drive up with her... ward halloween party, maybe a corn maze/corn pool?  fun...

craving: costa vida sweet pork salad.  i'm thinking if my mom drives through dallas at an hour when they are open, i'll make her stop and get me one and i'll eat it cold. 

reading: eat pray love, anna karenina (still, i am getting distracted with other books), more natural birthing books, and i'm in helaman of the BOM

shopping: went grocery shopping yesterday. i wish i was in in minnesota so i could go to nordstrom and h&m and all those wonderful stores. target will do for now.  and etsy. always etsy. 

not missing: work. got off of work an hour early today, which couldn't come any faster... i hate this stupid temp job.

deciding: what i'm going to do tomorrow. damon has a big anatomy test monday so his whole weekend is studying at school. lame-o.  there is a huge antique/collectables/etc mall (like the quilted bear or cabbages & kings in utah and texas) that is about half an hour away, i hear it's great and it may be my saturday plans. after garage sale-ing... michelle, come back! (don't though, live it up in utah, i'm so jealous... wait, maybe YOU could get the costa vida...)

kissing: i'm trying to convince damon to grow out a beard. our young mens pres has an awesome one, and i just love beards. he says it's too uncomfortable though. boo. 

ok, maybe i have a crush on zac brown. damon has a crush on megan fox, so it's ok.

see the potential?

running: ha. yeah right. i move too much at work and am so sore when i get home, like i'd do anything else.

planning: our anniversary weekend in 2 weeks... hopefully to chicago, as long as the weather holds up. so excited- deep dish pizza anyone?

hoping: the next 16 is weeks goes by fast, i'm ready for a baby and to have my body back.

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Helena said...

Loving this post.

i see you too...