Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what summer is for... 

i want to do everything this summer. i want to drive to the beach (i'll even accept one in california) and go to disney world.
i want to go camping. thank goodness for moab, though i really hope to go many more times this summer
i want to see fireworks, i'm so sad that i'll be out of the country for my favorite holiday-the 4th...  just will have to make do with the 24th i guess
i wanna go on a roadtrip to anywhere new, drive with the windows down, sing the whole way, eat crappy car food 
i want to hold a tiny baby. asap. i just love how their soft little bodies fill your arms and they smell so good and they just stare at you and be sweet.
i want to go out on the water in a canoe ... or paddle boat.
i want to have a picnic (ok i've done that one technically, it was great. damon invented tacos)
i want to lay out under the stars away from the traffic noise and lights of provo
i want it to get hot already!


JenniferKaryn said...


Byron and Tara said...

Ummm I would be more than happy if you wanted to come home for Thanksgiving and hold my tiny baby:)

Tara said...

i haven't missed one yet... so hopefully it won't start with the first girl (law of attraction here)

i see you too...