Tuesday, June 2, 2009

round 2: hiking

Damon and I got to have an all-day date yesterday when we both were off of work.  First we went hiking up provo canyon. it was a perfect day cause it wasn't too hot- just in the 70's and there was some cloud cover, so it was just nice, and the mountains are SO green right now. on the way back down we (damon) spotted...

we also went and saw the move Up, which was sooooo cute. really really, my favorite movie in a long time. (don't spend the money to see it in 3d, there's really nothing cool in that aspect) it made me want a dog reaaaal bad. i cried. (a lot) i laughed. it was great. 

and we had dinner together

and we watched arrested development (though lately i have been falling asleep ever time we go to the boys' house to watch movies or tv)

and we went to the hot tub. and swam too. my favorite.
(he's great)

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