Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 Dozen.

Oh yeah, thursday... some have asked...
I turned 2 dozen.
it feels the same as 23. 

i'm almost a quarter-century old! holy wow!

i woke up (not so early, damon and i had stayed up late watching He's Just Not That Into You... and we actually both stayed awake through the whole thing!) and Damon made french toast. YUM! he even got Texas Toast to use- not just any old bread. it was sooo good. and pina colada yogurt- who knew?!?!  so Damon had to be at work at noon so i was putting away dishes while he went upstairs to change cause he was almost late... aaannndd... then he came downstairs in his bathing suit and a yamaka (sp?) instead of his scrubs. i was confused. he had taken the day off! so fun!

so we went golfing. we went mini golfing. he won the first game. i got myself soaking wet stubbornly trying to putt my ball out of water trap. but that was ok cause it was blazing hot. i won the second game.  it's good to keep things balanced. then we went to the pool cause it was soooo hot! and we laid out a little. but the clouds rolled in. so we went home and just hung out talking. mugging. decided to be productive or something. so we went and bought some steaks. and we grilled. they were so good. we hung out with the boys. we may have watched some arrested development? and then we.... i'm trying to remember now. i think after that we were trying to think of something else to do. and we ended up taking so much time doing that that it started getting later and later and later. so we just watched a movie. and that was fine by me. luckily we are pretty ok just mugging and watching movies. a lot.  (oh, i'm sorry, you don't know what mugging is? hmmm... i love that post. it's so truth. i liiiiiiikkeee a lot holding damon's hand.)

and he made me an adventure book. if you haven't seen Up (go now!), you probably won't get it. but it was super sweet and cute and it had pictures and pictures of us and lots and lots of sweet words that i feel blogger isn't special enough for me to share them on. let's just say... it was the sweetest gift ever. 

and that. was that. =)

now really. go get tickets for Up.

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c m kynaston said...

happy birthday girlie girl! I hope you have a great time in China! Be safe!

i see you too...