Monday, June 8, 2009

Um, today is cool...

some reasons why today has rocked so far:

1. i finally FINALLY got my passport sent to texas, so that it can be hand delivered along with my visa application to the China embassy in Houston by my oh-so-kind mother so that i can actually maybe possibly fly TO CHINA in 13 days. that's right. 13.  basically the passport/visa stuff has been a nightmare, caused tears, been pushed way too close to my travel date... but now it's done and i just have to sit fat and happy awaiting my visa. 

2. the sunflower farmer's market store in orem. the provo farmer's market hasn't really produced great fruits/vegetables yet, cause the harvest season is just not ready i guess. so i checked out this market i've been meaning to, and it's great! almond butter! (which i got $2 cheaper cause there was a problem with the barcode- and i don't even feel bad cause almond butter is so ridiculously priced) artichokes and plums! 3 pounds of vanilla almond granola on clearance! cantalopes were 3 for $2!!!  artichoke humus and pita chips! i know, i'm turning so green and stuff. 

3.  i finally got around to going to the gym. my moab/china goals have slipped away and i've been pretty absent from the place in the last month... or 2... but not anymore! i'm determined to be somewhat healthy before i leave for china... cause i have a feeling some of the food is going to do me in. 

4. i saw christian nielsen and oliver and nicholas at wells fargo. that's right. NieNie's husband. they bank with me. we're practically friends now.  he was as handsome as she reports almost daily on her blog. i felt butterflies, his long hair, big smile, sunglasses... i pictured him on his motorcycle and felt a baby bit jealous. he's hot for real. (and knowing how amazing he is besides his looks made it hard to concentrate on filling out my withdraw slip) so head on over to nienie's blog up there on the right to read her newest ode-to-christian post and see a pic of her... sorta. =)

(pic 'borrowed' from the nieniedialogues)

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