Thursday, June 18, 2009

so much to dooo...

i've got about 3 hours till i need to go to work (i love being prn, and the fact that this is the only evening i've worked since last week) and before then i have so much crap to do...
*oil change
*go get mascara (this seems dumb, but how crappy would it be to run out of the mascara you like - clinique high impact, thank you very much- in CHINA??? so sad!)
*get the rest of our food for moab, and distilled water and fish food so damon doesn't kill my fish
*clean out my car
*pack for china AND moab since i'm working the morning shift tomorrow and we leave right when i get out
*go to the library to print out our moab maps
*make any food we are taking down and pack up the car, also find an extra sleeping back and a tarp for us all to sleep on.

im soooooo excited. the massive moab trip of 08 was for sure the best thing i did all year, and made me more friends than i'd made in the past few years. this year we are expecting closer to 250 people, and i'm so excited to go with my handsome man and his brother tyler and tyler's girlfriend. even though we'll only be there like 24 hours. i can't wait!

i'll be sure to put up pics before i leave sunday afternoon for that one asian continent...

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