Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this ain't your mother's update...

such a tender mercy (i certainly don't mean to be sacrilegious at all, this is 100% serious). i found this at smith's today for only $1 each! that's like a coke from sonic during happy hour! i am trying SO HARD to stop drinking coke (dr. pepper, for all those of you who don't get southern soda talk). it is so hard. for real. i need carbonation in my life. but diet taste so gross slash it's way bad for you cause aspartame causes bad things in your bod. this has juice. and 2 calories. and 'sparkling water'. it may be not great. but it's better.
so a week ago i bought 2 little vases thinking i'd buy some fake peonies (so my favorite) or maybe real ones every once in a while. who needs to buy fake or any flowers when you have a thoughtful guy around (anybody else hate the 'b' word?)? he brought these over last night from  the boys' house, they have their own little tulip festival growing in the front yard. he's great.
  oh how i wish i could have spent mother's day at home... i miss the franke family mother's day picnic at the park and getting to see everybody. i wish i could have shown my mom and pam how much they mean to me in real life person life size real time. 
    our ward had a nice little sacrament meeting mother's day edition. one girl was sweet and her talk was all about mom and how great they all are. the next guy's talk was about every cartoon from the late 80-early 90's era. which was cool too i guess...  the men of the ward gave all the girls chocolate (hello, so perfect for relief society stomach grumbles and wandering thoughts). another thought: my relief society rocks. i don't know any of the girls (besides jenn, whom i haven't seen in RS for quite some weeks, haha) and they are all very... different from me. but they are all so sweet, and our lessons really are great. and everybody participates, and this might be the first time i've really liked relief society since i was in the brushy creek ward with chrissta and marianne and tiffany and tara and everybody else.
   sunday afternoon i made dinner with damon and tyler (damon's brother) and we just hung out for a while. later on we went and played games with some friends, which is always fun (i'm getting pretty good at speed scrabble, but trying to keep damon from cheating is a task in itself).
        tyler, our special friend. maybe in running for best blue out of our 3 sets of eyes. 

            proof that damon exists. haha. we don't have pictures of ourselves. together. it happens. also, i've had those pants since i was in 6th grade. i got them on clearance at academy for 7 buckaroos. they are my favorite things to wear. 
 yesterday i spent most of the day with derek at the pool. it was great. i think nobody who lives at king henry works. or goes to school. cause it was PACKED. and the same people were there ALLLLL day. we played sand volleyball (i'm bad) and then we went and ate samples and smoothies at costco.  and then i helped creighton clean out his jeep. i'm getting sooo so so sos ooososoo excited for moab.  just over 5 weeks... we're starting to get the onslaught of emails from the group leaders, it's gonna be so great this year. 

also in the last week i took pictures of nicole's little guy, trevor, and engagements for jenn and jeff. i haven't really gone through any of them, but here's a little peak of what i have looked at. hopefully there are more good ones than just these, i'm gonna go through them all and post them tomorrow, since i work nightwatch tonight. i especially haven't gone through jenn's cause there. are. so. many.  i'm doing pictures for erin and gabe thursday, so expect lots more in the next week. 


JenniferKaryn said...

I love the picture! I can't wait to see the rest of our engagment pix!! YOU ROCK!

PS Sorry I haven't been to RS. :)

The Halls said...

First off. Cascade Ice is freakin nasty, but I respect the no coke thing. I did that while little Clark was cookin but HAD to go back. Oh that's bad. Glad to see your "b" word isn't made up...ha ha ha...just kidding. You too make a good pair and he blue eyes are a huge plus. If he goona come with you this summer? That could be rockin fun!! I love my RS too, to bad I am in primary where the I want to kill 3 kids every Sunday, yes they are the same 3. I love you and miss you, Clark and Kev do too. Kev was excited when I told him you might come up this summer. Hope it works out!! Love you!

i see you too...