Saturday, May 30, 2009

mindless chatter

I'm doing nightwatch... I have like 9 hours to go. not good. I took a pretty long nap after work today but I still feel so tired. its gonna be a long night.

tomorrow is the provo farmer's market. I'm so excited. I love farmer's markets! hoping to get some good fruits and veg's (i don't like either of those words). I'm trying to eat good right now since I was so rotten at home.

we're going hiking monday. yay for nature. its still nice and cool here- only in the high 70's low 80's.

andrea and zac, I really wish y'all were here. I love your blog and I think I watch that mother's day slideshow every few days.

I have nothing inteesting to say. sorry. I'm just bored enough to type it out for people to have to read. i'll have to post my pics from texas next post.

also, catherine is amazing. she came out to the phoenix airport with in & out for a little picnic during my layover on wednesday. it was great.


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