Tuesday, May 19, 2009

texas bound

   only wish she was gonna be there.  (and that's our cousin's truck, mind you)
   they are the best part of me.

      ha. that face is perfect.

      sometimes we embarrass our mother.
      driving this around makes me feel pretty much superior to everybody else on the road.  especially listening to pat green.
     i can't wait to see him.

we played kickball last night. i freaking love kickball. i don't even know why. 

i'm going home in 4 days. i'm SO excited! cause, you know, it's been a whole 2 months. haha. i've never gone home as much as i have this year. if my brother weren't so cute, i'd probably go less. i can't wait to drive a truck again, and be out in open spaces, without the mountains blocking my view and be in the hot hot heat and take jake to sea world and eat at chuy's (jalapeno ranch!) and get dublin dr. pepper and creamed corn from rudy's and hang out with my mom and dad and stepmom and everybody else. 

also, i'm behind in everything, so if you're waiting for pictures, i promise they are coming. i really need to get my computer cd drive fixed)

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