Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm going to Chuy's tonight!!!

texas thunderstorms... running across a park in a douwnpour with a 40 pound 3-year old on my back... only to make it to the parking lot right when the sun comes back out and it gets back up to 93... real thunder, and real lightening, not that sissy stuff that utah has.

falling asleep to the smell of RAID... cause i walked into the back room when i got here to find a huge disgusting waterbug right in the middle of the floor. my biggest fear. oh gross, i can't even stand this on my page, but i want everyone to see the trials i have here. these are texas' only downfall.

the high tuesday here is 102. i know, right?

(my dear damon, i miss you. thanks for going to mexico so i could have a good excuse to come home. please don't come back with swine flue. )

did i mention i'm going to Chuy's tonight? i know whoever is reading this is jealous- deluxe chicken enchiladas and creamy jalapeno! oh, i'm so excited!!

up to round rock tonight for the next couple of days. anybody up in the austin area, text me

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