Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i love seeing LDS commercials in texas... 

before i joined the church, i used to see this one commercial allll the time- i didn't know anything about the church, but i think everytime i was watching tv, this one came on- it was a husband and wife, and they went to see a little lonely old lady in the nursing home. she was all sad, staring out the window, and they gave her a carnation. the man was wearing a blue an white striped shirt. the wife was wearing a peach colored blouse. later in the commercial, the man is laying in the hammock (same striped shirt, mind you) and the wife comes and puts little newborn twins in his arms. it is... so sweet. haha. 

i worked in the mtc some during my sophomore year, in the call center. it was the funnest thing, you got to wear a cool headset and people would call in and their info pops up and you just pretty much get to tell them all about what you believe and at the end you bore your testimony and hoped that they asked for 'representatives' to deliver their video instead of having it mailed. and after commercials aired there would be a little burst of phone calls in an area. it was cool.

ps, does anybody else love the movie, Corina Corina? i sure do. 

ok, i'm out, i'm leaving for san antonio for the evening and then back to provo tomorrow!

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