Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh my cute, i want one of these sooooooooooo bad! i mean, the big fat black NIKON strap is cool and all, and it keeps me distinguishable from those uck canon lovers, but THIS is Sassy. 
seriously, what would the world be without Etsy? (the link is over there on the right side if you haven't discovered this Hope Diamond of a gem yet....)

tomorrow, restaurant explorers is back in the biggest and best way possible. since it's founding father is the master of grilling and a texan to boot, i knew it would only be a matter of time before he found us a great bbq place... and boy did he. not only a bbq place, but a genuine bbq place owned and run by a TEXAN!  oh my wonder, i can't wait till tomorrow. it's an hour and a half away, and we have strict instruction to be completely on time, but check this little disclosure: 
"We're taking my car and either two or three others up to Sandy, where we'll leave the two smaller ones and pile into Brett's Escalade so we can look like we're Lil' Wayne's entourage rolling in."

haha. only Austin would want us to look like such as we roll into the place. 
Derek is planning a trip to the tumbling gym that of course is right after this. i may go, but then again, no body wants ribs and brisket puke in the foam pit. 

on a sidenote, i think i'm growing up. i'm being selective. i'm choosing not to let myself be walked all over, be the one being used and giving everything. i'm finally paying off my credit card. i look at used cars.  i may start doing my visiting teaching (shhh, they don't have me assigned to anybody yet, let's keep that on the DL). i'm planning my own valentines day (Cath?) and the jewelry i've decided to buy myself for it. i'm considering investing in gold. haha.

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Catherine said...

hey friend. I am back in town. so let's be the verb sense.

i see you too...