Sunday, January 18, 2009

HOT springs.

so Austin texted me tonight to come over for steaks (seriously, when God starts throwing bbq's in heaven, He'll have Austin grill) and hot springs. the food was amazing (not only can you never say enough about his grill skill, but homade potato 'chips' and sautee'd shrimp in some just-thought-up-and-threw-together marinade is always the case with this stud). about 12 of us ended up driving to the midway hot springs afterward... let me say, that water is so damn hot. not even the burn-your-skin hot... but the hot where you feel like you're instantly having hot flashes, your organs boil, your legs fall asleep and you get 3rd degree burns. and you are nauseous all the drive home (especially down the canyons with terence at the wheel) and still as I type this, I feel ill and overheated. and I even walked around in the 25 degree weather with no pants on after getting out. anywho, it was a blast. I love having great friends almost as much as having weekends off- I forgot how good that is. also I love that my friends are laid back swearing right before we bless the food, full of constant sexual inuendoes or racial jokes, talk about politics and literature in a boiling crater... I even cut potatoes and later shared a rock in the springs with a hot half mexican byu law college student... who was butt naked the whole time. doesn't get any better.

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