Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so i was listening to rush (who i don't incredibly enjoy, but i prefer AM radio over FM, and didnt want to listen to my ipod..) and he brought up this article, and i thought it had some great points made about our new president.  i absolutely stand behind my country's leader, but i think Obama has been so built up by the media (who are so proud to be a part of this 'historic occasion' blah blah blah) that his weaknesses (that will no doubt cause mistakes- he's human. and he has the hardest job in the world. he's gonna screw up. his poo still smells, people) may be brushed aside because, holy crap, he's black!  i think he's a great, charismatic leader, and hopefully he will actually deliver on all the "CHANGE" that he promised, but i also hope he is judged the same as any other president was.  anyways, the article is good.

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