Tuesday, September 23, 2008

nikon d90

so gorgeous

Nikon D90
12 MP DX, 4.5 FPS, 3" LCD
720p/24 Video (that's right- VIDEO! the first dslr on the market that can shoot video clips...

same metering system as the d3 (which costs 4 times as much), in a smaller package... ha. small package. ISO up to 6400...depth of field preview... active d-lighting (why i love nikon!), and so easy to use with smartly placed buttons and menus (another nikon advantage) love it.

i took it out with kristi yesterday just to get used to it (it's still kinda a jump from the d40) and she played with the 40 while i tried to get used to this one... we went to the lake. obviously.

today i went for a drive up the canyon, the leaves are starting to change colors, it's great...also, kristi and i went to a little bbq place in lehi, there really is no good bbq around here (unless austin is grilling it...) but this little joint was pretty tasty. locally grown sweet corn roasted, creamy potato salad, and pulled pork (topped with coleslaw- yum crunch) sandwiches. all eaten outside at a picnic table. how great. pictures of that tomorrow... my computer is about to die and i'm so ready for bed!

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