Monday, September 29, 2008

a new appreciation for OBS

in case anybody was wondering about that comment cameron posted down a couple...

the other night cameron came down to my unit after shutdown while i tried to finish my paperwork before nightwatch showed up. he was the aid that night and mostly gets to wander around. tonight was my lucky night??? right. i don't remember what i did to make him mad (i probably did nothing. duh.) but next thing i knew he took my shoe and threw it in OBS.

OBS: Observation... a cement room about 5x5 and made of cement walls. it has a door. with a small window up near the top. a door with no handles on the inside. girls sit in obs when they throw tantrums and are a threat to themselves are others. it's where they can cool down under the watchful eye of staff with nothing within reach to harm anyone with. we don't lock anybody in there.... but i got locked in.

cause he threw in my shoe. and i had to scoot on a rolly chair in there to get it. and then of course, he closed the door on me and laughed at me through the window. then while i was sitting there being pissed and before i could think of anything smart, he runs in fast and grabs my radio. why didn't i think of that radio??? so anyways, i spent a good 3 minutes in obs and i never ever want to be locked in a cement room again.

and i will get him back.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Come on, it wasn't that bad!
You will never get me back, I will OWN you @ this game!

Chanel Stone said...

Dear Tara. So I was reading your past posts, and I came across this gem. I remember this day. I remember you telling me about it after you escaped. This is the greatest thing ever. I'm so SO glad that you documented this event. :D

i see you too...