Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ghost readers

i started thinking tonight about who could possibly be reading my blog and i didn't even know it... after all, i'm linked on a couple of other peoples blogs... jenn... tara... catherine... even just these three (and i think there are others) and i start breaking out in hives considering who they know or might know and therefore who could be here at this very moment...

i started to get nervous

random strangers (cause we all do it- you're reading a friends' blog, you look over their blogroll, see an interesting name, click, become obsessed, add it to your favorites and visit it as often as your bff's blog)

friends that i might write about but they don't even know it??? or at least i thought they didn't...

friends of friends of friends that you've never met or maybe met once and maybe they had some really nice first impression but now they read about my actual thoughts and not just the show...

old boyfriends??? (gah! david, i hope grad school is great and i don't remember if i've written anything about you-is that possible to have not?... michael, i'm a tad sorry but not sorry enough to say it to your face. thanks for pissing me off though and therefore instantly erasing the pain)

coworkers??????? oh no.

if you are a ghost reader, i invite you to REVEAL YOURSELF!!! i'll dedicate a post (a nice one) just to you letting all the world know that i know and love you (even if i once loved you, i still love you, you know!). you want to know what i would say about you, huh? leave a comment, and don't forget your name, duh! you'll be famous, you can tell all your friends that somebody blogged about you. and if i don't know you, i'll make up a grand story and you'll seem heroic and cool.

i guess i don't mind if people i might actually know actually know and read my blog. not that i'll be putting it on fb anytime soon. the internet is scary.

(and if you don't reveal yourself, i'll just put one of those trackers on here and find out who you are anyway!)

much love,


The Jex Family said...

Hi Tara... I read your blog. I feel like I'm allowed since you're practically one of the sisters. You can read mine, it's boring married mom stuff.

Aidan....and others said...

You wouldn't believe how I found your blog.
I was up late one night, posting some new pictures on Aidan's blog, when I starting looking around at his old posts. I also looked at the comments made by people. You were one! I clicked on your name and under your profile this blog came up. That was about July, I think. I've checked back on you periodically. I feel like I'm spying or something. Hope it doesn't creep you out or anything.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love this post.
You already know me and the feud we are in, but Cameron's the name, and locking you in "Obs" is the game!
I do agree though, that the internet is a scary and random place.

c m kynaston said...

it's just me, cherilyn. love you.

KJ said...

Tara dear...I am ghost reader :) Identity revealed...I find your blog from Megan Ishoy's, so maybe that's not so strange? I enjoy your photos and your writing style, they keep me coming back once in a while :)

i see you too...