Friday, May 30, 2008

what a week.

so a week ago today i woke up at 8:30 and decided that i was going to go visit my friend jenn in sacramento. then i did. well, i got a late start on the road, so i pulled into roseville around midnight. the next day was jenn's graduation and graduation party, hot tubbing, then sunday we went to church, a fireside, ryan's house to yell at each other over a game of battle of the sexes... on memorial day we went shopping (got the cutest shoes from steve madden for $17) and then out to folsom bridge where we jumped, it was scary and took me half an hour to get off the bridge. not fun. then we went to somebody's bbq and then to john pinney's house to hot tub, i beat tyson at pool (of course) and just hang out... what else did we do... tuesday jenn had to work so i explored roseville/newcastle/folsom, bought a new lens- the lensbaby 3g, which is AMAZing and i love it. thennn... i can't remember what we did that night... we may have just mostly hung out the rest of the time. did some more shopping, hot tubbing, you know. it was amazing, i loved it out there and want to move out now. i made some great friends (i still have the ability, wow. ha) and i can't wait to see them all again... so there's the recap, here are the pictures...

jenn jumps 3 times before i decide to go up and jump

the walk up... yeah, check that speedo out.

after half an hour of being a baby up there, i made her hold my hand for a minute

and then i did it!

getting out of the freezing cold water

folsom bridge

so then we went out to some bridge that was in Triple X, that Vin Diesel movie... it was high

dane and jenn in the back row, jesse, me and kevin in the front

first lensbaby shot- it's a selective focus lense that looks like an slinky and you can move it all around and you focus in on one sweet spot and it blurs everything around that area

jenn's beautiful niece Marley- a lensbaby picture of a baby

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Byron and Tara said...

It looks like you had sooo much fun. Can't wait t see YOU!!!

i see you too...