Monday, May 12, 2008

mama mia

so today was the 2nd mother's day in a row that i haven't been home for. it's so sad. last year i spent mother's day with david and doug and charity and the girls. this year i spent it mostly alone, except my friend came over for dinner and watched a movie and just hung out. it was pretty fun and relaxed. thank you to my own mother; kristi and i are grateful for all that she did and does, and for my stepmom who gave me a brother and who always has answersto my food and refridgeration issues. and all the sweet women who influenced me growing up- marianne lloyd and tiffany hardy and michelle cook and chrissta hinze and other leaders and amazing women in my life who have always been there for me. kudos! i can't wait to be in the position to be able to be there for somebody else.

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Chrisstamom said...

You are such a freaking awesome chick!! I miss you guts and wish I could see you more often! I am honored to be in a gratitude list with the likes of those other three women. They are indeed elect!! Love you TX!

i see you too...