Tuesday, May 20, 2008


so this blog is mostly only read by my parents, so i probably shouldn't be doing this post but.. oh well. tonight i went longboarding down provo canyon. neil asked if i wanted to go with him, brett, austin, and another guy, and of course i had to say yes even though i have really only been on a longboard 1.5 times- both on flat road- once in a parking lot and once for about 8 minutes down 100 west. but you have to start somewhere right? and what better place to start than a winding steep hilly trail through the canyon at 11 pm? right. and of course the boys are all pretty pro at this kind of thing, so i insisted that they go ahead and leave me to fend for myself cause i don't want to hold them back and make it miserable for everybody... as soon as they were out of sight, i ate it pretty hard. i scraped the knee that was finally getting rid of the scab from when i fell in my own driveway on the day of kami's wedding- january 18th to be exact. so now i'll have another scrape that lasts 4 months... and i'm not sure what i did to my hand, but i'm typing this with only my left... hopefully it feels ok soon. cause i don't think united believes i'm a student anymore- i haven't been a full time student for a year now, we've been, um... fabricating a little- so i technically don't have health insurance. woops. guess i probably should stay away from sports that are gonna injure me. it was great though, kinda creepy being in the mountainy woods alone at night, but at the same time, kind of ... spiritual? satisfying? being one with nature is good for the soul! anyways, i finally made it down, not too far behind them, i'm proud to say. i lived to tell the tale.

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