Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The REI catalogue

... is what I'm looking through right now... i want a bazillion things. i just love summer and camping and warm weather. unfortunately we haven't had warm weather yet... today the high was only 63 and we really havent even passed 80 yet. it's pretty obnoxious. i am ready to go lay out by the pool and play outside!! i'm tired of wearing sweaters!

in other news, i'm thinking of maybe a new plan... working for a while and then grad school? right now i'm supposed to be starting in the fall to work towards a teaching license at BYU... but it'll take maybe more than a year and a half and i'll have to pay graduate student tuition and so it seems a little pointless to not just get a masters instead. so now i'm on the hunt for work experience...

in other other news.... i love my camera. the end.

first i found an awesome abandoned house in Pleasant Grove. i freaking love abandoned falling apart houses. i need a buddy to go with me next time to take cooler creepy pictures.

then i made it to the Mt Timpanogos temple, which is lovely and so is the landscaping. don't let those blue skies fool you, it was freezing.

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