Monday, October 24, 2011

pics from a cell

here are some pictures from the last week taken from my phone!

about 20 minutes after the crybaby video from last post, go figure.

med students listening to heart sounds on the dummy simulator. about as nerdy as it sounds.

damon, who doesn't drink soda, came home with this last thursday night. i don't even drink 52 ozers! he had a test the next day and studied all but 2 hours that night.

and then later friday we went on a date! ellis and damon loooove their fro-yo!

at church yesterday, working on our carni skills while staying hydrated!

in other news this past week, our oven broke, ellis is closer to actual crawling (right now he gets around by doing a sort of butterfly stroke across the floor), damon keeps rockin' the school stuff, and i am making big plans for thanksgiving/christmas season... and missing utah.

i see you too...